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Mindful Cooking is an invitation to be in the present moment, using food as the object of attention.

Through cooking and/or eating together, we learn to be aware of the senses and the breath at every moment.

We do this also with practices and rituals around the table or the kitchen sink.

In this, we develop a quality of attention and enjoyment that we can use in other areas of our lives.

Mindful cooking is about creating a space where you can surprise yourself with what you can do and challenge your habitual conditioned patterns. It allows new ways of being, seeing, doing and thinking to alter your life for the better.

I combine my experience in commercial kitchens with my love for great produce to offer an oasis of calm and mindful reflection in the midst of uncertainty and stress.

The kitchen or the dinner table become a classroom that reminds you to be in the here and now every time food is involved.

Through Mindful cooking, you realise that you don’t have to carve a special time to practice mindfulness, you just transform every interaction you have with food into an opportunity to practice.

Mindfulness training in such ways regularly becomes engrained, giving you access to deep centering, calm, open mindness and stress relief.

Mindful cooking classes and events are also a fun and delicious way to:

  • Rediscover food as a source of energy and pleasure
  • Get more clarity around the impact your next meal can have on the planet and on yourself
  • Develop a greater capacity to clarify what actions to take in the midst of uncertainty
  • Learn micro skills that you can integrate in your daily life to reduce stress.
  • Manage emotions and time, make better decisions and create overall happiness and joy in everyday life.
  • Transform yourself as you transform the food
  • Leave the event feeling deeply nourished with a new sense of how to care for yourself!


Call me on 0466 322 399 or send me an email at Lina@www.mindfulcooking.com.au to find out more...


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“Lina’s cooking is amazing! I feel so nourished and invigorated after our meals, which goes to show it truly comes down to quality ingredients mixed with mindfulness and love"


“I really enjoyed Lina’s cooking – it was filled with flavour, with a variety of food types mixed in together which all complemented each other. The salads were wholesome, tasty and filling. They were light on the stomach too.”


Charlotte Lantai

“Lina’s cooking is both innovative, absolutely delicious and full of love and heart.”

Haydn Walker

“Lina’s cooking is amazing! Absolutely beautiful, nourishing, delicious and yummy! I also got some really great inspiration for home cooking! Thank you!"

Alina Berdichevsky

“Delicious, wholesome, heart-filled food to keep us warm and energised! Thank you so much for making our retreat extra special”