About Lina


Hi, I’m Lina Mbirkou and I will be leading your team throughout the day.

French speaking, and originally from Morocco, I am now an Australian citizen.

I am an experienced facilitator, a corporate wellbeing consultant, an intuitive chef and a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

As a former Marketing and Communication executive, I understand the pressures of the corporate world.

My journey in work and life has helped me and continues to forge a calm, creative and purposeful approach to problems and stressful situations.

My passion for healthy, nutritious food and my experience in mindfulness and meditation led to my creating well thought out and easily actionnable set of activities which increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, stress management, difficult decision making, resilience and full ability to develop fresh perspectives and deeper insights.

To find out how Mindful Cooking can best enrich your event or to tailor a program that addresses your particular needs, call me on +61466322399 or send an email to Lina@www.mindfulcooking.com.au