Mindful Coaching

One on one cooking & mindfulness consultations

Would you like to transform any moment you have in the kitchen or around the dinner table into an opportunity to be in the here and now?

  • Unlock you capacity to be creative around food but also in your daily life
  • Learn techniques that help you calm your mind and be centered doing the activity of your choice
  • Discover how to use all your senses to feel instead of think
  • Enjoy wholesome, delicious, mindfully prepared food
  • Explore the benefits of mindfulness
  • Receive follow up recipes and nutrition tips

Contact me for any one or a combination of offerings.

Call me on 0466 322 399 or send me an email at Lina@www.mindfulcooking.com.au to discuss a tailor-made solution to your needs.

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“Lina’s cooking is amazing! I feel so nourished and invigorated after our meals, which goes to show it truly comes down to quality ingredients mixed with mindfulness and love"


“I really enjoyed Lina’s cooking – it was filled with flavour, with a variety of food types mixed in together which all complemented each other. The salads were wholesome, tasty and filling. They were light on the stomach too.”


Charlotte Lantai

“Lina’s cooking is both innovative, absolutely delicious and full of love and heart.”

Haydn Walker

“Lina’s cooking is amazing! Absolutely beautiful, nourishing, delicious and yummy! I also got some really great inspiration for home cooking! Thank you!"

Alina Berdichevsky

“Delicious, wholesome, heart-filled food to keep us warm and energised! Thank you so much for making our retreat extra special”